Summary of Digital Tools

Creating Rich
Canvas Comments

The comments feature within Canvas allows teachers to leave personalized and rich comments about student performance. In addition to simple text, teachers can also include live links or video uploads to guide students in next “action steps.”

Using Loom for Quick Video Feedback

This tool allows teachers to easily create and share video messages to students to relay personal feedback messages. The videos are all “housed” online and can be shared with a simple link for students to view. 

Nearpod + Miro 

Teachers can use a simple Nearpod slide to host a Miro digital whiteboard for student lessons. The teacher and classmates can navigate within Miro to view work and students can receive feedback in real-time.

Rubric Maker

This free website allows teachers to create rubrics that can be used for direct student use or to guide students while evaluating peer projects. Rubrics are converted into PDF’s which can be used and uploaded into a course. 

Canvas Peer Review

The Peer Review feature within Canvas allows teachers to create assignments which will require peer evaluation upon submission. Student submissions can be manually assigned or automatically assigned to allow for peer guidance and analysis. 

Using Flipgrid for Peer Feedback

This tool allows students to leave video messages and feedback for each other. Students can use this tool to present their learning and evaluate the learning of others.  You can even partner students and they can use a Flipgrid as an asynchronous communication tool.


This tool allows you to quickly and easily create a single webpage that students can access with a link.  The wakelet page can include images, video, text, and pdf uploads.


Branching Questions in Google Forms

This tool helps teachers create customized quizzes that are personalized and adjusted for student responses. The feedback that students receive  after they answer each question changes depending on how they answer the question. This tool allows teachers to customize “next steps” based on current student knowledge. 

Canvas Quiz Feedback

Teachers who are using the Canvas platform can embed interventions and enrichments into their quizzes. This immediate feedback can include video, audio, text and images. These just-in-time interventions create powerful learning opportunities based on the student responses.

Quizizz Reports

While we covered the Quizizz program in Module 1, there are many report features that you can use to evaluate student performance and mindset.  

Best Practices for
Intelligent Tutoring Systems

In addition to free Intelligent Tutoring Systems, like Prodigy Math or Khan Academy, some may have access to paid programs such as Imagine Learning or ST Math.  Even the most sophisticated Intelligent Tutoring Systems must be used strategically by the teacher in order to maximize their benefit to students.

Easy Note Cards

This free web program allows teachers and students to create digital flashcards that can be printed, used online, and easily shared.  The online practice opportunities help students understand the cards they have mastered and the cards that they need to practice more.