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Summary of Digital Tools
Covered in this Course

Digital Tools to Support Quality Relationships

Synchronous Tools

Zoom Basics

This is our favorite tool for engaging students in live digital class calls.  It works seamlessly on laptops, tablets, and phones. There is no cost and it includes many tools to engage students.

Asynchronous Tools


Video recording through Flipgrid is an easy way to provide students with a personal connection to you and with their peers.  This tool can be used to generate video discussions and facilitate video feedback.

Flexible Use Tools


Use this program for easy and convenient two-way communication between the teacher and parents.  You can send and receive messages and easily deliver announcements to your class.

Zoom Breakouts

This feature of Zoom enables teachers to organize the chaos that comes with holding a live digital call with lots of participants.  You can even hop between breakout rooms to keep students on track!


This is an easy-to-use approach to facilitating online discussions.  Students can post using text, pictures, videos and many other tools, without needing to log in – with easy moderation for the teacher.


The friendly social networking feel of Bloomz creates a friendly platform for communication between teachers and parents.  Creating posts or making announcements is user-friendly.


This is a collaborative whiteboard that allows teachers and students to write or draw on a shared space.  You can even use it to avoid drawing with a computer cursor when teaching in live lessons or videos!

Yo Teach!

This free, powerful backchannel communication tool allows students and teachers to maintain two-way communication without needing to log into a digital call or write lengthy emails.

Discussion and Collaborations in Canvas LMS

These tools, built into the Canvas platform, allow teachers to easily incorporate student communication in both synchronous and asynchronous settings. 

Digital Tools to Support Student Engagement

Synchronous Tools


This is a highly-engaging learning game that your students will love to play! This tool is especially useful at developing a student’s skill to identify or categorize.

Asynchronous Tools


This tool allows you to embed opportunities to respond into video content.  You can upload your own video or you can embed these opportunities into content hosted on sites like YouTube.

Flexible Use Tools


Teachers can use Nearpod as a live-lesson student response tool or they can design lessons to work for asynchronous instruction.  This is one of the most versatile teaching tools.

Conferences in Canvas LMS

This feature allows you to hold live class calls, or one-on-one mentor meetings, within the Canvas platform. Scheduled Conferences become “events” in the Canvas Calendar.

Screencast-o-matic / Loom

These two programs allow you to create high-quality recorded lessons for your students.  Screencast-o-matic includes more editing features, but videos created in Loom are easier to share.


This tool allows you to create lessons that include videos, images, and a variety of checks for understanding –  It has extra features for helping your students explore mathematics.


This student-friendly digital response tool allows teachers to quickly ask questions and gather student responses during a live lesson.  This tool can also be used as an online quizzing platform.


This free program for Windows and Mac allows teachers to easily “shrink” the file size of videos without sacrificing video quality or needing to understand the details of video encoding.


This student-friendly quizzing game allows teachers to use several different question types.  The quiz games created can be used in live lessons or assigned for asynchronous work.